Saturday, June 20, 2015

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Mohammad Bin Lamin
Was Born in Libya in 1969. He is completely self-taught as an artist and works with several expressive mediums including painting, sculpture, digital art and photography.

Bin Lamin has over the years developed signature painting methods and secret techniques for other works that are yet to be unraveled.

His pieces are inspired by Libya’s rich cultural and artistic heritage and draws upon its history, going as far back as the ancient cave paintings in the southern mountains and the surreal identities that the country has had to endure over the centuries.

His mix of colours, shapes and forms reflect on Libya’s landscapes; and, in particular, the Sahara desert, the Mediterranean Sea as well as the country’s more modern urban and rural fabrics.

One of his most celebrated pint- series is the “Yellow Beings” that is of unusually shaped colourful creatures who stand, pose and dance in different positions.

During the February 2011 Revolution, Bin Lamin suffered as a prisoner for 6 months & 5 days at the infamous Abu Salim prison; but, undeterred by the limited environment, he drew on the walls, etched faces on Tin food containers and after his release from prison he created many sculptures from empty bullets, shells and other recycled war material.

Bin Lamin’s work has been exhibited in Libya, Egypt, United Kingdom, USA, China, Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, India, Turkey and Malta.

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