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An Artist from Libya
Mohammed Binlamin

For decades many aspects of Libyan culture has been overshadowed by the images and manifestations of the Gaddafi tyrannical regime. Libyan writers and artists became a rare breed, stricken with oppression, poverty, and above all ignorance and neglectMohammed Bin Lamin, is a Libyan artist that draws inspiration from his environment and surroundings, born and raised in Misurata, Libya's third largest city, he embodied a combination of the rural and urban in his paintings and works of artHis interest in bright and subtle colours, which reflect in many ways the natural colours of the Libyan landscape, gives him that unique trademark, distinguishing him from other Libyan modern artists. His experimentalist surreal sculptures and digital art works can be in some cases very intriguing, but they reflect his quest to experiment with different materials and freedom from restrictions and conformity.His painted beings, with their deformed, disproportionate, heads and bodies, with their glowing colours of Yellow, green, red, brown and blue, the colours of the Libyan landscape, reflect a torn, sometimes deformed, identity, which tries to mix the different and divers, and conflicting, identities of Libya, a land of desert, and sea, rural and urban, the serious and absurd. The Beings of Mohammed Bin Lamin, are entombed in their colourful, deformed submissive world. They don't seem able to escape their mundane reality, surrendering to a life of boredom and frustration, but not for Long...

Born in Misurata, Libya 1969.- Has Diploma in Ships maintenance.- Artist, Painter, and Sculptor.- Participated in many exhibitions in Libya and outside Libya.- President of the Association of MISURATA Artists.- Member of (ISA) INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF ARTISTS - Sweden- Member of MASTER PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION (MPA) UK 2002 .- Member of Artists for peace organization. Judge member for kid competition in paintings and drawings. Misurata- Computer Graphics designer.- Producer for many Digital Graphics arts.- Worked as designer with local publishing company, designed many books covers and logos.- 2002 Worked as Arabic Media designer with (DMC) Digital Media Center. Leeds, UK.

• Exhibitions
2009 Florence Biennale. ITALY-2007 (Hoon's autumn festival) 2007. Hoon.-2007 (The silphium Fair) Benghazi – Libya.-2006 The 8th Changchun China International Sculpture Symposium – with sculpture titled: (Sun of Love). Marble and Bronze.-2006 (BOOK-ART Project) Associazione di Promozione Sociale Artetica) Roma - Italia.-2006 (EL Najem Fair) Tripoli.-2005 (The Open Festival of Fine Art) . Misurata.-2005 (INTERNATIONAL BOOKS FAIR) Tripoli.-2004 (Hannibal Festival) Tripoli .-2004 (PARALLEL STATES). Cairo Atelier. Egypt 11.07.2004.-2003 (festival of Libyan Girl Association) Misurata.-2003 (Mafazat Al Abereen) (sculptures exhibition) .-2001 Edinburgh, The annual side walk gallery.-2000 Electronic Recollections :( Experiences in Color's Electronics & Printer's Sincerity) Misurata.-2000 Gallery Exhibitions with Adnan Maetiq at Alfateeh Tower, Tripoli, Libya .-2000 Participation in International Symposium of Sculpture – Aley 2000 Lebanon, with sculpture titled: (Heavenly Password). Marble and Stainless Steel.-1998 Group Gallery with The artists:Musbah Alkabeer & Adnan Maetiq at (Gallery De Villa) Tripoli, Libya.
• Series
- Yellow Beings (Paintings) 2004 Mixed Media.- Volcano Cards (Paintings) 2004 Mixed Media.- Opera of Spoons 2005 Photographs.- Clown Kingdom 2005 Digital Art.- Remainders of Visionary Beings (Paintings) 2007-08 New Media.- Beings Who is Enclose the White Full Moon 2008 (Paintings) New Media.- My Special Mythical Beings [1] 2008 (Paintings) New Media.- Scarecrows of Nocturnal Fields 2008 (Paintings) New Media.- botanical mummy 2008 Photographs.
1. Mohmmad Bin lamin discovered a new and unknown technical task which is regarded as substantial addition in the world of techniques and media.
2. Mohmmad Bin lamin invented new Media with new technique on the painting based on especial materials using photographic burned - paper. It is inexpensive method and has important results and quick implementation, durable and can be washed with water.

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